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About Me: I am from Mumbai. I have a business of exports of Spices and masalas. Cooking for me is a hobby since childhood and coincidentally also became a part of my business.

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Chicken Pathia
Ave. Rating is 3.3333333333333 Posted by: irt
Potato in Curd Gravy
Ave. Rating is 5 Posted by: irt
Chicken Curry
Ave. Rating is 3.5 Posted by: irt
Curried Mushrooms
Ave. Rating is 3 Posted by: irt
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Posted by: irt
Rice Pullav (Pillaf)
Posted by: irt
Curried Garbanzo Beans
Posted by: irt
Chicken Pulao
Posted by: irt
Eggplant with Tomato
Posted by: irt
Curried Mushrooms
Posted by: irt

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