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IRT Frequently Asked Questions

What is Indian Recipe Trader?
IRT is a place to share and find Indian recipes. At IRT, we are motivated by a desire to learn about the rich variety of Indian cooking and share our own recipes.

I submitted a recipe, why doesn’t it appear?
When you registered, you are automatically granted “author” status – this means you can submit recipes but they must be reviewed by IRT staff before they are publicly available. A limited number of users will be granted “Trusted Author” or “Editor” access – their recipes will be available immediately.

I updated a recipe that was previously approved, but now I can’t find it. Why?
Recipe updates must be reviewed by IRT staff to make sure that the updates conform to the IRT terms of service. Updates include both the text edits and image uploads.

Are comments reviewed before publishing?
No.  Comments are immediately posted. If visitors observe any abusive comments, they should report it by clicking the “Report Abuse” link next to each comment. We’ll either edit or remove the comment and if the author is a repeat offender, we may restrict their access to IRT.

What information is displayed in my public profile?
Your public profile includes:

Your first and last names are not required to register so if you wish to keep them private edit your profile to remove them. Your email information is never displayed.

How can I make my profile public?
You can edit your profile by selecting "My Profile" from the "My IRT" menu. To make you profile public, check the box next to "Public".

Can I see all the recipes posted by a particular IRT member?
Yes, if the member has made his or her profile public. To find a members profile page, click on any recipe posted by that member. Under the recipe title, click on the members username. If the profile is available for viewing, you'll find a listing of all their recipes, plus information about that member.

How do I create a Cookbook?
Every registered user gets a free cookbook on IRT. Use your cookbook to collect your favorite recipes from any other or category. To add a recipe, click on the plus icon (Add to Cookbook Icon) in the Recipe Tools section displayed with every recipe. Once you've added a recipe, you can remove it by clicking the minus icon (Remove from Cookbook Icon) in the Recipe Tools. To add or remove recipes from your cookbook, you will need to sign in.

Once you've built up your cookbook, you can view by selecting "My Cookbook" from the "My IRT" menu. On your cookbook page you can view all your recipes, see your most recently added recipes, or search through your cookbook by recipe title. Go there now - but you will need to sign in first.

Can I publish recipes from IRT to my web site?
Yes! If your organization publishes member recipes, you can use IRT to manage the recipes and publish them back to your web site or even multiple web sites. The benefit is that your recipes can gain a wider audience through IRT and you only need to enter them one time.

To publish, follow these simple steps:

    1. Register on IRT - only registered members can submit and publish recipes. Register using your organization name and make sure you describe your group. Finally, make sure you leave your profile "public".
    2. Enter your recipes!- Go to "MyIRT" menu and select "Submit A Recipe". You can add a picture by editing the recipe later. Your recipe may need to be reviewed by IRT staff - once we get to know you, we can change your status to "Trusted Author" and your recipes will be immediately available.
    3. Publish Your Recipes - Go to the "MyIRT" menu, select "My Profile" then "Publish My Recipes" and follow the instructions. If you need help, support is available by email.

    Any registered user can publish their own recipes, not just organizations. Bloggers, web site owners, give it a try!

Can I connect to IRT using my Facebook Profile?
Yes you can! We're currently in a beta testing (that means we're still working out any kinks with using Facebook on IRT).

Soon we'll be adding more features - you'll be able to Post stories about your favorite recipes and recipes you've posted to IRT!

I've already registered, can I still connect IRT to my Facebook Profile?
If you've already registered to IRT, visit your "My Profile" page from the "My IRT" menu and follow the instructions - it's easy. Your user name will not change.

Can I disconnect IRT from my Facebook Profile?
Yes. To disconnect from IRT, sign-in to Facebook. From the "Settings" menu select "Application Settings". You may need to select "Authorized" from the "Show" menu if it does not appear.

Scroll down to "Indian Recipe Trader" and click the "x" at the right. That's it!

Can I add recipes to my Yahoo or Google home pages?
Yes! Just visit any member profile page and click the icons in the "About Me" section on the rght side of the page. These icons allow you to view and subscribe to a feed of the 10 most recent recipes, or to add the recipes to your My Yahoo or iGoogle pages.

I have an idea for a great feature for IRT. What should I do?
Fill out our contact form and describe your ideas and feedback!

Can I add recipes from other sites or cookbooks?
We prefer you add your own recipes. You may submit recipes you’ve modified from the original. Remember that the recipe description is part of the recipe – we encourage you to add your personal story – that helps make the recipe your own and is more interesting to others. Exact recipe copies will not be approved.

I found my recipe on the site, but I didn't submit it. What can I do?
Contact us and let us know where the recipe is published. After we confirm your information, we'll remove the recipe from our site.

I forgot my sign in information. What can I do?
To reset your password, click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the sign-in page. Enter in your username and a new password will be sent to the email address in your profile.

If you've forgotten your username, please contact tech support.


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